…leaving the other half of the figs for Tracy to eat when he gets home, even though I could eat them all now and he’d never know it!

Our Ninth Year Here, and we’re finally enjoying a dozen or so figs this late summer through fall. I started this fig from a cutting from a huge (15′) fig tree in a rose customer’s backyard in San Jose before we moved. The first year it was planted in Q4 before we realized how boggy it was there in the rainy season and how the deer would pass through daily. Then it got potted up and kept alive for a few more years until we got it planted into our greenhouse. This was probably year two for it to be in the ground there and it’s done very well this year, as long as I kept the gophers away (I know, again with the gophers!). We’ve enjoyed (and shared) every precious fig off this little (but old) plant.