Back in January there wasn’t a lot to do outside.  We were having rain off an on and it was a bit too early to start the annual rose pruning.  I did my weekly African Violet care and realized I had a pretty good “winter garden” right there in the kitchen window.  Not bad at all for January 10th!

African Violets

Winter Gardening

When we were planning our kitchen remodel a friend suggested a garden window as a way to make the space feel bigger.  I did some research and the books all said to forget about it if the window is on the north side of the house.  Well, I’m glad I ignored that piece of advice.  I can’t think of one month when at least one of the six African Violets is out of bloom.  I have year-round color in that northern window and because it rarely gets full sun (a little in summer but I shade the plants with the taller begonia and jade plant) the violets are truly happy.  I’ve learned the truth about feeding them too.  I use a liquid fertilizer at 1/2 strength every time I water.  Now if only I had a market for all the AV babies I could make!