This post is a migration from our earlier January 2008 blog:

Well, after a first attempt at blogging last year, we’re finally back.  We’ve been a little busy with the unusual snowfall this past weekend.  I know 4 inches of snow one day in 7 years isn’t much for a lot of our customers, but it’s a first for us here, and we enjoyed it (especially thankful that no damage was sustained to anything business related!)

SnowRoseManWe are true to our calling – those SnowRoseMan’s eyes are rose hips and he’s holding a Fragrant Dream rose from one of the dozens of plants I haven’t gotten around to pruning yet.

All is well in the nursery and we’re taking orders every day.  A few overachieving babies are ready to ship already, but for the most part Tracy says March will begin the shipping frenzy.  For today I’m off to get chili-making ingredients, thankful that if the power goes out again we have a wood stove for heat (and baking?  please post your recipes in the comment section!) and a gas range for cooking!

Meanwhile we’re mulling over our Amity Heritage Roses ‘Gardening Manifesto’ and plan to have it ready by the next post or two, as well as in our 2008 NewsELetter.