Truth be told, we’re downsizing the nursery as the orders have diminished the last few years.  Tracy will still have rose plants to sell of some sort every year.  He’s concentrating on grafting the roses in one gallon pots at this point.  When he’s ready he will share more with those who ask.

I (Janet) have been working part time for the last year and a half and will continue to do so as necessary, and actually it’s been good for me to get out and work on another project.  I’ve been coordinating a National Science Foundation Project with two professors at Humboldt State University, to increase the number of Native American and Alaska Native high schoolers going on to college and considering majors in computer science.  I love everyone I’ve worked with, and the native staff and local leaders have been great as well!  I’ve learned a lot and hope that I am able to continue to be part of the solution, rather than perpetuating problems.  Our local area is not unusual in its horrible history of treatment toward Native Americans, but because it’s a small county, the misunderstandings are much more exposed than other places I have lived.

And so yesterday, back to Amity Heritage Roses, as Tracy was downsizing the website (which I’ve turned over to him since I’ve been working) he managed to delete all of my earlier blog photos!  Hmmm, I wasn’t too happy about that, but I was able to move the worthy posts and relink the photos in WordPress.  That’s why it looks like I’ve done a lot of writing just today…  The migration was necessary anyway as I had had problems uploading photos to blogger and had changed to WordPress last year.  There was just no easy way (for me at least) to migrate my posts, so I did it the old fashioned way – cut and paste.

Glad that’s over – now at 3PM, what was I supposed to do today?  Oh yeah, get our plants and signage ready for the big Garden Show and Plant Sale in Trinidad on Saturday!